UPDATE DEC. 31, 2011: If you’re a first-time visitor, please see the beginning of the Dec. 18 post for information about this blog’s developing purpose. The original text of this post is retained below.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the COM 315 course blog! Over the coming months, we’ll be using this blog to:

  • Discuss Course Assignments
  • Pose Questions and Answers
  • Share Media (video clips, links to relevant articles and readings, etc.)
  • Network and Converse

You may have noticed that this blog doesn’t merely serve one section of COM 315. Rather, I and my fellow instructor, Rebecca Ivic, will be using it to interact with all three sections of the class. That, of course, means that you can feel free to use this blog to chat and network with one another, as well.

In any case, the first formal discussion post will be added on Sunday. I’m looking forward to a great semester!


13 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. kingkyle35 says :

    Hello everybody!

  2. Chris Reed says :

    hows it going everyone!?!?!?!?

  3. mfbecks says :

    Hello everyone!

  4. Rebecca Ivic says :

    Hi, all! Nice to see you all on here. I love that you’re all using photos as avatars too- it helps us remember each of you much better.

  5. Rebecca Ivic says :

    Testing from my WordPress account…

  6. Chris Gerber says :

    finally on here…Hi everyone!

  7. davidjames1187 says :

    Howdy, no idea how to use this.

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