Hi all, what do you think of this WordPress theme? I like the minimalism, but you’ll probably see changes as time goes on. What are your favorite types of web site layouts, and what’s easiest for you to read?

Remember that you can make your own post if you don’t want to respond to the current discussion post. Share pictures, video, anything that you think may be interesting or relevant to others in the class.

I’ve added a ‘Students’ page to this web site. Go ahead and add a bio, photo, information, anything that gives us more information about you. This is especially helpful if you’ve made your username on WordPress something that doesn’t directly connect as an identifier to you.



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I'm Rebecca, an Associate Professor. I enjoy research & teaching, and painting. My husband and I love video games and traveling!

13 responses to “Layouts”

  1. kingkyle35 says :

    This site, just like in a good presentation, needs to be focused on the material of the site and not the glam of pretty colors and visuals. The minimal clutter of the page is perfect and effective to logging on, seeing exactly what we need to see and be collaborative.

    • Rebecca Ivic says :

      Good point, Kyle…you’re right that the focus here is the text and not the flash, so you make an excellent observation.

  2. kaileenkraemer says :

    I agree with Kyle. The minimalistic theme is supplemental to what we have learned about the kind of presentations we will be doing in class. If this was a blog focused on a series of artwork someone is making, for example, flashy graphics and vivid colors would be encouraged. I follow a lot of animators’ blogs where they’ve made their own backgrounds and many graphics that highlight individual characters, so it is interesting and refreshing to see a minimalistic theme used very appropriately.

  3. brianbritt says :

    Oh, how I love being the voice of dissent!

    I agree with the basic premise behind this new theme, at least to an extent. Simplicity is key in Steve Jobs’ presentations, so it’s reasonable to argue that our course blog should follow the same ideal.

    However, I think there’s a difference between simplicity and minimalism. A simple presentation (or blog) should remove extraneous features. Why include something that isn’t being used, after all? When I envision a minimalistic presentation, though, I think of a straightforward speech given through one channel (vocalized words) that eschews additional richness like presentation aids because they’re not absolutely vital: they exceed the minimum. That goes directly against Steve Jobs’ style, and I think the philosophy as a whole is rather extreme. Simplicity is good because it precludes unnecessary distractions; minimalism is hazardous because it may eliminate features that add beneficial depth.

    Translating that from presentations to our course blog, I have no issue with subtle aesthetic elements like color and user avatars (like those that I and all previous respondents to this post use), as they add some extra flavor to the blog without getting in the way. As long as they don’t make the content hard to see or understand, and they don’t distract you from where your focus should be, I don’t have an issue with a few elements that add some extra flair. Besides, as the textbook noted in its first intermission, audiences quickly grow bored of the same communication channel being used over and over again. In this context, it might be nice to glance away from the black text once in awhile and see a little color or another feature at the side.

    On a side note, I was very tempted to embed a Youtube clip of the “drive-by arguments” scene from Family Guy into this comment. That might have been a distraction, though, violating the principle of simplicity, so I refrained. It’s all about keeping an appropriate balance between pizzazz and functionality.

  4. Jillian Straub says :

    I like the new layout, it’s clean, simple, and easy to navigate. My favorite site layouts are clean. Whether they should be simple or not depends on the kind of site. This site for example, I think the simplicity helps serve it’s purpose. A website that is trying to capture your attention however, obviously probably needs to be a bit flashier in most cases. The one thing that all sites should always have in common tho is their ease of navigation; if a website is not easy to navigate there is no purpose to it.

    • kylejnewton says :

      I agree that ease of navigation is key to any good site. The “look and feel” is definitely up there in importance as well. I think Jill makes a good point that this site probably wouldn’t gain much interest based on looks alone, but since this blog isn’t really trying to attract people outside the class makes it ok that it’s not incredibly flashy and colorful. I wouldn’t mind a little color on the site, but I think tasteful decorating of websites is just as important as decorating your house — no one wants ridiculous kitten wallpaper on their blog just like they don’t like looking at it in their grandma’s living room.

  5. burnscp says :

    I’m a fan of the new layout. I think it’s easy to get around and is also easy on the eyes. Sometimes you get on some sites and they can be really overwhelming. An example would be ESPN’s website. I know they have a lot of information to present to the people that visit the site. Keeping that in mind, I feel that they do a pretty good job of organizing the site but at times it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for.

  6. tsamadif says :

    I would agree with Kyle that I definitely like the simplicity of the website. I think with a website mainly geared towards bloggers and writers words should be the main focus. There is nothing more frustrating than when you go on a website and there are flashing advertisements on the side that complete distract you from the main attraction on the website.

    WordPress definitely has a very simple style. Being a new user, so far I have found it very easy to use. Navigating around the site is very simple and basic thus making it easy for new users and old.

  7. macupp says :

    I agree with kyle as well. As soon as I log on the newest post is on the top so I can see what everyone else is commenting on and talking about. Overall, this page has a good format.

  8. Chris Gerber says :

    This site is very easy to navigate and it is also very simple. The format does its job well because when you do have those flashy websites, you often get distracted by the unimportant things on the page. Things also seem very organized on websites that just want to get their point across like WordPress.

  9. lwinters26 says :

    I didn’t even realize it changed, but I do like how it is now. I have never used a blog before this class, so simple is good for me. This way it is easy for me to understand how it works.

  10. Teju Shyamsundar says :

    I also like the new layout because it is simple and easy to navigate. The colors contrast well and are not too bright/dark. Since the purpose of this site is to read and collaborate, it does not need to be too fancy.

  11. davidjames1187 says :

    I am new to blogging, but am not new to using a wide range of websites. As with anything, it takes some practice and time to get use to it. I do like the simple feel, and I definitely enjoy that it’s not flooded with irrelevant advertisement’s.

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