Upcoming Football Season

The new football season has arrived, and I for one am ready to finally watch something more than baseball highlights on ESPN.  Whether you are a fan of high school, college, or professional football fall is a time that is known for tailgates, rival games, and homecomings.

My favorite teams are of course the Purdue Boilermakers for college football and the Green Bay Packers on Sundays.  I was born and raised in a small Wisconsin town, so I bleed green and gold.  Some of my best childhood memories are going with my family and tailgating in the parking lot before the game.  We would then cheer the Pack to victory while dressed head to toe green and gold.

Who are some of you favorite teams or memories associated with football?


8 responses to “Upcoming Football Season”

  1. burnscp says :

    I was born and raised in Indy and my brother and father are die hard colts fans, but somehow I turned out to be a Patriots fan. I’m excited to see how this season turns out with the addition of Ochocinco. I’m not expecting anything like the 07 season but maybe we can get back to the super bowl this year. In terms of college, I support Purdue because I go here, but I never really followed it too closely because we haven’t been good for a while. I like watching the SEC because it is so competitive, and I’ve always loved Texas and Oregon for the way they run their offenses, especially when Colt McCoy was at Texas.

    • jlauuu says :

      I like this blog topic alot. I’m a bears fan through and through, but unfortunately I don’t think we are playoff contenders this year. The NFC got better and younger and we did neither in the offseason. On a college note I’m a big Big Ten guy, I personally think it is the most competitive conference week in and week out I feel more teams come to play then in the SEC, the SEC is definitely the most talented conference but I don’t think the most competitive from top to bottom

  2. brianbritt says :

    Fitting timing for this topic. Oklahoma, the state in which I was raised, has no NFL teams, but I was born in Houston and most of my family is from St. Louis. As such, I’m a longtime Rams fan in addition to a Texans supporter — my Houston roots were orphaned for a few seasons when the Oilers moved to Tennessee — so one of my most vivid memories was the catastrophic upset in Super Bowl XXXVI. The Rams really haven’t been the same since then, hence my general disdain toward the Patriots. (The allegations of illegal taping by New England before the contest don’t help, either.)

    My family has also been involved in fantasy football for a number of years — go ahead, laugh all you want — and I’m in a couple of leagues with friends this year, as well. In one of those leagues, Saints WR Marques Colston currently holds a prime spot in my starting lineup. Halfway through the third quarter of NO-GB, Colston has contributed -0.10 points to my total. Clearly, I’m awesome at this.

  3. Chris Gerber says :

    First of all…Purdue Football, I’m really hoping we step it up just a bit. The block at the end was incredible but it was Middle Tennesee State. Carson Wiggs is incredible however, kicking a 67 yd field goal in practice is unheard of and the fact that he nailed a 50 yd in the game was quite impressive. On to the NFL, I am not expecting anything from my Colts this season. I knew Payton’s injury was far worse than expected; who expects someone to play with a ruptured disc? Half of the Colts population I guess. It’s not going to be pretty this season.

  4. Merry Hetzer says :

    I’ve grown up a Purdue fan. Both my older sisters and their husbands graduated from Purdue and I’ve been coming up for games since I was little. Although, the basketball team is my choice of sport to watch, I’ve got my VIP passes and I’m ready to watch some football! Unfortunately I’m from Cincinnati, so I’m a Bengals fan. Not something to boast about lately. (the Reds either). Despite the teams awful past season, it’s not going to stop me from watching the games this season.

  5. kaileenkraemer says :

    I was born and raised in Minneapolis, so I grew up a Viking who picks on Green Bay at any given chance. But I have to admit, the Packers did have a good game against the Saints last Thursday. I don’t like the Saints either because they stole the Vikings’ superbowl in 2009. Vikings are just the best, and we are the only team that is content with playing in the snow.

    I attended the Purdue game last week and it scared me how we didn’t obliterate such a low-profile team. I’m also really upset we lost to Rice yesterday. I have season tickets, and if we keep losing or having such close calls, I will be a sad Boilermaker. But I’ll still go to cheer them on because that’s the right thing to do for our school. Loyalty to the teams you always root for is key.

  6. lopurdue says :

    I was not a US citizen and I had never watched football before I came to the US even though I have been here for some time already. I was not interested in it at all before actually. I studied in Seattle and Seahawks was really bad at the time. They barely won a game…Yet, after I came to Purdue, I started to enjoy the “atmosphere.” Everyone cheers for Boiler at the bar, on the streets, and talks about it everyday. These scenes and the loyalty of students truly affect me to start liking watching or hearing football. I feel bad if I don’t cheer for my own school. Although the first game was tough, we will rock in future. GO BOILERMAKERS!

  7. macupp says :

    I have spent my whole life in Indiana so I have always watched the Colts. I wasn’t a Purdue fan until I started going to school here. Even though Purdue and the Colts lost this weekend it was still a decent weekend because Notre Dame lost. I’m obviously not a big fan of Notre Dame.

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