Examples of Speakers

Share your thoughts on these clips…who stands out? What works that these speakers do? What doesn’t work?


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5 responses to “Examples of Speakers”

  1. jhockersmith13 says :

    They all did very well with their talks but I found that even though Oprah read half of her speech she seemed kind of contradictory. She talked about how she didn’t even need the degree to be successful yet she is giving a talk at Stanford non the less.

    • Rebecca Ivic says :

      What did you find was good about their talks? In your opinion, who stood out the most as an exceptional speaker?

  2. kingkyle35 says :

    Bill Gate’s speech was very easy to follow. He stays focused around his main topic and never wanders off course. He keeps his use of technical jargon very understandable to less tech-savy individuals to appeal to a broad audience. Another skill that stood out to me was how well he transitions between his topics.

  3. Jillian Straub says :

    I’ve been a fan of Obama’s speeches since he began running. I actually had the opportunity to see him speak in person from about 30 feet away the October before he was elected. They are so professional and polished yet so relaxed at the same time. I also like his use of dramatic pauses.

  4. Chris Gerber says :

    Staying away from all of the politics, I think President Obama’s communication skills are incredible. His speech was by far the best of the three here. He has this persona about himself and when he speaks, you just want to listen; he could honestly make a trip to the grocery store sound epic. I thought Opera’s speech was slightly boring and Bill Gates was as well. Bill Gates is a great speaker, however, if you don’t understand what he is talking about he can kind of lose you in some sections. Bill Gates also has a lot of flaws with his stance and and such if you watch him. Obama looks very confident and in charge behind the podium; a very key trait to being an outstanding speaker.

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