Discussion Post: Week 5

As we transition into the more applied part of the class — we’ll be working on our web portfolios in iTaP labs throughout this week — how do you feel about your efforts so far? Are you ready to take these presentations to the next level, to simulate to a greater degree what you’ll be doing in the workplace? Looking into the immediate future, what are your thoughts about our upcoming web portfolio projects?

Let’s start with an old-fashioned scientific debate. The speed of light, approximately 186,282 miles per second, has long been recognized as the “speed limit” of the universe, the upper bound of velocity that no particle can exceed. This postulate is among Albert Einstein’s most famous conjectures, and it stands at the heart of his special relativity theory. However, on Thursday, a group of physicists working for CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, said that they had recorded sub-atomic particles travelling faster than light. While these results have not yet been verified by independent peers in the field, Antonio Ereditato, the research team’s spokesperson, said that “We have checked and rechecked for anything that could have distorted our measurements but we found nothing” over the course of the three-year study. Understandably, though, others in the field are not quite so confident, particularly given the respect that Einstein and special relativity theory hold in the field. Alvaro De Rujula, another CERN physicist, has speculated that the anomaly came about due to still-undetected human error, and others think that the particles may have taken a shortcut through extradimensional space — in other words, moving beyond three-dimensional space as expressed by string theory. Put another way, it is “[s]ort of the equivalent of a 2D Londoner living on the surface of the globe taking a short cut to Sydney via the Earth’s core.” We can, and we should, consider and discuss this study’s potential effects on science and on researchers’ understanding of the world. Beyond that, it is also important for us in particular to reflect on the public nature of modern science. The media didn’t jump on scientific findings in centuries past, so how does this trend change the way in which scientific inquiry and debate are conducted? Further, what does it mean for the populace’s understanding of the world, especially when such questions are still under constant debate? What other examples of public science have you witnessed in recent years? Do you think that the development is a good thing, or does it have more negative effects?

On the domestic stage, let’s focus on the presidential campaign this week. Republican candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry is struggling to hold his lead over the other GOP candidates, particularly as criticism increases from both sides of the political aisle. Perry appears to have a stronger grip on Republican-leaning voters, while former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been stronger with swing voters. Still, during Friday’s debate Romney detailed his strict anti-illegal immigration stance, going to great lengths to highlight an issue on which he leans further to the right wing than Perry. As Romney put it, “if you’re opposed to illegal immigration, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a heart. It means that you have a heart and a brain.” These intensifying attacks come as the primary increasingly turns into a two-candidate race: a USA Today/Gallup poll that concluded last Sunday shows Perry with 31% of the Republican vote and Romney with 24%. Texas Rep. Ron Paul and Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann sit in a distant third and fourth, respectively.

Of course, Republicans have hardly been the only candidates active this week. President Barack Obama announced Friday that he is altering the No Child Left Behind law, which was arguably the legislation for which former President George W. Bush was most famous. The law, which has been less-than-effective since passing with bipartisan support almost ten years ago, initially called for all states to prove students’ proficiency in reading and math by 2014. Many claim, however, that the policy ultimately strengthened the push for teachers to “teach to the test” rather than developing students’ comprehension skills and deep knowledge bases. Obama’s new policy would permit states to request the Education Department to request exemption from certain policies, provided that they meet certain conditions indicative of “good-faith efforts.” Obama announced this policy despite Congress’ failure to pass an update to the law, effectively bypassing the legislative hurdle. This, of course, has prompted a rash of criticisms from his political opponents, who claim that not only is circumventing the legislature an abuse of Obama’s executive power, but that the waiver plan will do nothing to reduce the “teaching to the test” trend. Still, Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy has already announced his intent to utilize Obama’s waiver program, and Obama continues to push his education plan, saying in his weekly address that fostering a strong education system is also the key to resolving the U.S.’ current financial crisis: “If we’re serious about building an economy that lasts, an economy in which hard work pays off with the opportunity for solid middle-class jobs, we had better be serious about education.”

What are your thoughts on the political campaign, as well as the issues highlighted here? How might the country look with each of the contenders sitting in office on January 20? For that matter, how will these developments change our country right now?

In world news, on Friday Palestinians formally requested membership in the United Nations (U.N.). Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas said that, as part of his efforts to push the Palestinian National Authority into official statehood, he is prepared to resume negotiation with Israel over borders between Palestine and Israel , as long as those talks are based on the lines as they stood in 1967; this would result in Jerusalem standing as the capital of Palestine. (For those unfamiliar with the issue, Palestinians and Israel have been fighting intermittently for many years. One of the most significant turning points in the conflict was the 1967 Palestinian exodus, during which the Israeli government overtook a portion of Palestine territory and drove out the Palestines living there.)

Prior to the official request, Obama voiced opposition to the Palestinian bid, saying that such an arrangement would more appropriately arise from negotiations with Israel than from a U.N. declaration. Israel, for its part, flatly rejected Palestine’s bid on the grounds that, as Neil MacFarquhar of the New York Times explained, “the Palestinians and their Arab allies gave up the right to the United Nations resolutions detailing a two state solution by rejecting that original plan and waging war against Israel for six decades.” It appears that the U.S. will use its veto power to block full U.N. membership for Palestine, effectively siding with Israel, one of the country’s closest allies, although that might not stop an alternative policy pushed by President Nicholas Sarkozy of France which would transition Palestine from its status as an observer entity to that of a non-member observer state — implicitly granting Palestine statehood, even without U.N. membership. What are your thoughts on this development? How will the U.N. as a whole respond, and what do you feel should be done about the continuing fight between Israel and the Palestinians?

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62 responses to “Discussion Post: Week 5”

  1. bmasuoka says :

    I believe my efforts have been very strong for this class. I’ve been attending and participating in class not just sitting there saying nothing. I am actually ready to start preparing for my next presentation so I can not only getting the grade I want but to give a speech that I am interested and that leaves the audience saying, “wow that was a good speech, I want to do as good as him!”

    As for the physicists who recorded sub-atomic particles travelling faster than light. I hope that this is true. I first believe more physicists should confirm that this is actually true and correct scientifically. I hope that if these findings are true that they can use this technology/science to help us humans. However, If there is no benefit for these findings I believe they need to stop taking the time and research things that will help humans like finding cures to cancers or other certain diseases.

  2. James He (@He42) says :

    I feel like I have been working hard for the class regardless of what actually happens in my speech caused by nervousness. I as now I am not quite ready to take my speeches up to the next level, but I will keep working at it. I am pretty familiar with portfolio projects so I think I have an Idea what we will be doing.

    About the article on traveling faster than the speed of light. This might be the next step in advancing human technology. Although I am not completely sure what effects Eisenstein’s theory of relativity on human society as a whole, I do know modern science is completely focused by the rules set by the theory of relativity. The idea of folding dimensional space may bring the world to enter another space race.

  3. Chelsea Berryman says :

    It does not come to me as a shock that Apple would be putting out a new phone after their successful iPhone 4 (being the top seller since 2010). I am extremely excited for the next iPhone. After reading more about the new phone to come, very impressed but expected with the new features added to the phone. The NFC capabilities is extremely exciting and being a new technology, I would love to play around with the new technology to learn more. I currently have an Android phone but have been waiting it out until the next iPhone. AT&T GSM and Verizon CDMA might be joined together for this next phone which will be extremely beneficial so that there is only one version of the phone, unlike the previous models.

    I am very excited for the next presentation. I am not sure what my topic will be, but I look forward to incorporating the new skills we have gained so far in class.

    • Rebecca Ivic says :

      I’m looking forward to your next presentation, Chelsea!

      I have an iPhone 3G….hoping to just use mine until it doesn’t work anymore, unless the new iPhone is really incredible!

    • kylejnewton says :

      So, needless to say, I’m pumped for the new iPhone to come out. I’m leaning more towards the conservative update rather than a brand new design (thinner and bigger screen). I know the case manufacturers have “leaked” the new cases indicating these changes, but I don’t believe it quite yet. I’d love for it to have a larger screen and be thinner…that seems to be the trend with Apple with just about every update of the phone.

      I tend to think this will be an incremental upgrade like from the 3G to the 3GS — upgraded processor (probably the A5 like what’s in the iPad 2), more RAM and possibly the dual-carrier chips Chelsea mentioned, and same design and looks on the outside. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I could see that happening.

      I’m interested to see what kind of roll Steve Jobs will have in the product announcement. Will he be in it at all? Will Tim Cook be the main speaker? I’m not sure, but I have a hard time thinking Steve will be totally out of the picture. I guess we’ll find out on the 4th!

  4. Derek Stewart says :

    I have had 2G cell phone since I was fifteen, the text messaging only feature in addition to making calls, and am ready for a 3G Iphone! What better timing for Apple to be coming out with their newest Iphone 5, just in time for an upgrade on my verizon plan! I excited to finally have a phone I can text, access interenet, and of course play Angry Birds! I’m ready for a phone to operate at a much faster rate… prob not ass fast as the physicists at CERN discovered with sub-atomic particles but how cool if that were possible! I found the article about quitting smoking increases memory to be interesting, as it already has become a govermental concern to reduce the number of smokers in America, so I’m not surprised read a story such as this one! I mean they have alreayd banned smoking in most restaurants, its only a matter of time before its illegal to smoke. On a lighter note, I’m glad the satellite landed in the ocean and did not harm anyone. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous last Friday when I was flying, thinking to myself: what if we collide with this satellite. I’d hate to speculate the disaster, but hey at least my name would go down in history!

  5. rotosteckel says :

    I’m not really sure how I feel about these upcoming presentations. My way of attacking presentations (especially due to COM 114) was to present it as more of a story-telling opportunity. Once we start hitting the technical stuff, I’m not sure how well my usual method will work.

    First off, I find it hilarious that I had basically heard the three main stories before, on Reddit. Oh technology. Oh Reddit you time sucking vortex.

    I find it interesting as to how much of a tizzy these neutrinos have gotten us into. Some people are acting as though, because it breaks one of Einstein’s laws that the whole universe has suddenly flipped on its head and started tap-dancing. No. The universe did not break. It just shows us, once again, that our understanding of existence is incomplete.

    I’m a little excited about No Child Left Behind being re-vamped a little. I’ll admit that I’m a bit sour regarding that topic. I remember scantron tests as far back as 8th grade and roll my eyes at the standardized test they gave in OH that you had to pass in order to graduate highschool. This test was given during Sophomore year. I know some people who had to stay an extra year because they couldn’t complete it despite taking it at every chance. Some people just aren’t that great at test-taking and I think it could almost be considered discrimination to weigh so many things heavily on a process that some people are pre-disposed to having natural difficulties with (whether or not they know the material/are good at what they do).

  6. meshiach0machshevi says :

    I wouldn’t read too much into the neutrino thing just yet. The amount by which they were measured to move faster than the speed of light was so small, it seems like it could totally be a measurement error. Yes I know that they’ve been very careful to try to rule out errors but, people make mistakes. I’m just waiting for now. Time will tell. I won’t be at all surprised if other scientists fail to replicate the results and then eventually the error is found. On the other hand, I won’t be surprised either if it turns out it’s for real. It would be pretty cool!

  7. jkambic says :

    Concerning the neutrino experiment, the most interesting question is do they transfer information? because the collapsing wave function of an entangled particle (from my understanding) has the ability to determine the spin of the other entangled particle faster that the speed of light (because it happens instantaneously regardless of position), but it passes no information. What would be crazy is if this actual massive (having mass, not a reference to size) particle can travel faster than the speed of light, because that would break the causality of general relativity. it pretty much breaks everything. That would mean that in theory, there is a reference frame in which the neutrino arrived at the detector before it was sent.

    I think that it is more likely that there was some unknown error or possibly the proposition that the neutrinos used extradimensional space. either way it is incredibly interesting and a very big deal.


    faster than light travel technically also allows for time travel:

    {look under general relativiy: faster than light travel}

    so it all comes down to wether or not information is being transmitted faster than the speed of light. crazy.

  8. bkershey says :

    On a nerdy note, I am actually watching a replay of the GOP debate from this past week while I’m typing this post. The GOP has some problems with this presidential race. The party seems to simply be lagging behind in the process. But there is a big conundrum regarding the GOP race and the presidential race, because the candidates in the party race have to swing to the right but during the presidential race..the party that wins the swing voters is who wins the presidency. So yes Perry does seem to have a stronger hold on the right wing but Romney has a better chance against a Democrat by winning independents.

    How the race is executed though is quite ironic because all these GOP candidates are trying to bash each other pointing out how they have flip-flopped and done all these wrongs in the past, but then come the presidential election they throw their whole support there.

  9. Shawn Farrington says :

    No Child Left Behind was poorly drawn up in the first place. It takes away any competition to succeed in schools and it makes the standards lower as a result. As a teacher, ‘teaching to the test’ is one of the biggest things we have to battle with because it takes away any of the curriculum creativity that we enjoy being able to take advantage of. And now, especially in Indiana, teachers are “graded” based upon how well students do on the standardized test and even 1/3rd of their paycheck depends on the students’ success. It pains teachers because it adds even more pressure to the job and basically the attitude of a student on that test day can make or break a teacher’s career.

  10. Chris Reed says :

    I am going to talk about the “quitting smoking improves memory” article. First of all, I come from a background of smokers. My parents both smoke, and both sets of grandparents smoke. Along with my uncles and aunts. My brother and sister, along with myself do not smoke. I believe in people having the choice to do what they want, I choose not to smoke.

    There are many things that factor into it, health, memory, views and others, but mostly it is because when my grandpa passed away I saw what year upon years of smoking did to him. And he had quit for about 20 years. It was awful seeing him struggle to brother, move, etc all mainly because of smoking. (of course old age was factored in) Anyway, I do believe that smoking can cause issues related to mental and physical health or performance.

    I think it’s a stupid decision to choose to smoke, but to each his own.

    • Rebecca Ivic says :

      Well said, Chris… interesting how we often think we don’t have a choice (not just applying this to smoking) when it comes to decisions that affect our health..

  11. robpingry says :

    The NBA is in the middle of bargaining talks. They have yet to come to a compromise or a plan. The NBA has a problem. Way too many of their frachises are loosing money, There are the several elite teams that make the most money. There are far more teams that cannot draw enough people to pay the bills. It sounds crazy, and is also a little unfair but some sort of profit sharing needs to be figured out.There is a lot to loose if something can’t be figured out. Let’s look back at the last NBA lockout, less fans more empty seats when the doors opened back up. The last MLB lockout, same thing more empty ball parks, it was laughable. The last NHL lockout, less fans, less entertainment value. Being a sports fan is all about believing that this is out year, this year have the talent to win it all.The season happens and things fall the way they do and plans for next season get tossed around the water cooler. It’s an all year cycle. And if a season gets missed fans respond negativity. Its hard to swallow watching a multi-billion dollar industry not being able to figure out how to keep the show going. Its almost unimaginable, with some much money to go around the NBA players and owners have no choice but to work together. After a record breaking season for attendance and viewership, the NBA can not afford to make the fans unhappy and have the inevitable down year after a lockout.

  12. mporter7 says :

    I think the bit about the No Child Left Behind law was intriguing. I think the education system in America is struggling to keep up with the rest of the world. I think education is vital to the prosperity of this nation and it we need real solutions to the issue. The government tries to pass legislation that fixes the issues but I think the problem with education is more fundamental. I like the idea of privatizing education. I think if parents and children were given more choices as to what type of education they could have, then everyone would benefit. This way good teachers would be paid more because parents would want to send their children to that teacher’s class. It seems to me that anything that the government gets involved in gets bogged down with bureaucracy and apathy. So this argument about relatively small and ineffectual policy will likely mean nothing if there isn’t a major change in the way we think about education.

  13. dparkerr says :

    Article Commenting On: http://healthland.time.com/2011/09/07/should-mom-be-sued-for-bad-parenting/

    Illinois never ceases to amaze me. The article I am commenting about is about two children who are suing their mother for “bad parenting”. This bad parenting included not sending money with birthday cards, no care packages at college and a midnight curfew. When I read that, I just laugh. Growing up in a suburb of Illinois, I know how a lot suburban kid’s act and this article does not help that stereotype by addressing the fact that “the children grew up in a $1.5 million home in a posh Chicago suburb”. Essentially I think these kids should be thankful for what they have and one even getting the chance to attend college. I think this is just an excuse for them to get money off their mother. This is just an example of how much people take certain things for granted in everyday life, myself included.

  14. falkhali says :

    The Palestinian request for UN membership is an interesting topic to me. I am Jordanian and I lived in Jordan for about 9 years before moving to Dubai, and every summer my family visits our family in Jordan. During the 1970s a lot of Palestinians were forced to flee their country after the war against Israel, and most of the palestinian refugees came to Jordan. They were given Jordanian nationality and as a result, many of my friends in Jordan, and even here at Purdue, are of Palestinian descent. To many of the palestinians and arabs that I know, it would give them great pleasure to have Palestine recognized as a country by the UN and the Western World. In my opinion I think that this recognition would be one step closer to bringing peace to this 50+ year old conflict.

  15. begardner says :

    The article on the caveman diet was really interesting in both the content and the timing. I recently watched a documentary titled “Forks Over Knives.” This documentary examines the claim that many degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease can be eliminated if we moved to a plant based diet. What was presented in the movie is quite shocking and a complete opposite of what is presented by the caveman diet. The experts (doctors with background in internal medicine and cardiothoracic surgery) in the documentary had been treating patients with diet alone (no medicinal or surgical interventions), allowing only 5% of total protein to come from an animal source. The results were actually astounding. Patients returned to healthy levels of nearly every aspect they were being treated for…weight dropped tremendously, cholesterol levels dropped to normal rates, arterial blockages (the kind that are usually handled by an open heart procedure) went away, and many other things! Another incredible finding was the cancer rates in certain countries that were being occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. During the time they were occupied, and meat and other animal based foods were scarce, cancer rates dropped to near zero!

    As a lover of meat, I was immediate skeptical of the claims made in the documentary, however some research of my own has helped me to buy into it. I don’t believe that eating more meat than we ever have is the answer to our health problems however. For those that would like to watch the documentary Forks Over Knives, it it is available to be streamed through Netflix

  16. usernamesuck says :

    Bad parenting is a terrible problem everywhere. Many children are victims of their environments, and this often times translates into burdens on society. When I chose the article, I was smitten with the idea of going on and on with remarks referring to just how bad parenting in America has become. Parents allowing their kids to be “baby sat” by the television, feeding them McDonald’s 21 times a week (7×3=21, although breakfast is irresponsibly forgone, so 14), and “sparing the rod” are all prime examples that crossed my mind. But when I started into the article, I was pleasantly surprised on the different direction the title was able to go. It involved something else that I believe is a rampant problem in our country. We are “sue happy”. Why are we so “sue happy”? This also has a simple explanation, we are lazy. As if our obesity rate is truly due to glandular problems, although I do think there are a select FEW of those cases. The kids that are presented in this article to have been spoiled rotten just as Zaretsky mentioned. There was good reason as to why no money was in that card, the kid got everything as it was. The daughter could not stay out past twelve for a school dance because nothing good comes from social interaction with peers after midnight, and for parents its called grandchildren. All of these cases made against Garrity are absurd and Illinois should take aggressive action against the kids and their father. Cases like this need to be made an example of. When the system finds people obviously trying to sue on grounds of “bs” like this, the suing party should be held accountable with repercussions both financially and legally. People should think about why they sue, and measure the risks and legitimacy of their claim. Most people are incapable of rational thought, but hey, anyone can dream right? As for those kids, it is never too late for their mother to bend them over her knee. The corner never works.

  17. jmbalser says :

    I feel like my efforts in COM315 so far have been pretty above average. My attendance has been perfect, and not only have I been present to all of the scheduled class times, I have been “present” and payed attention very closely in all of the lectures. I am certainly ready to take these presentations to the next level so that I can be better prepared for when I go on to graduate and get a job out in the real world. I’m not 100% sure on what exactly a web portfolio project is, but it must be a combination of today’s technology and pulling ideas from my own personal life or projects.

  18. gregalles says :

    Oh at last the iPhone 5…or whatever it’s called. It most likely will become the 5th iPhone I have owned, keeping my streak of owning every one of them alive. But I do have my concerns about it. I don’t want to see a drastic design change to the phone which makes it look less appealing. I’m not believing any rumors until the news conference, but some leaked images have me worried.

  19. ndirenzo19 says :

    Political campaign advertising is something that interests me because of the different tactics they use to sway that thought process of their audience. Twitter is a big part of the younger age demographic and is consequently a very affective way to reach them. With the new presidential campaign starting expect your twitter feeds to start showing different tweets or even ads from the different candidates.

  20. Emma says :

    I can easily relate the the article “Want to Succeed? Stop Trying So Hard”. It’s difficult to keep working on the same project for more than a few hours. When I work on a single project for more than a couple hours a day, I get exhausted and need to focus on something else. I also grade papers for a freshman engineering course, so I need to take breaks after a few hours of grading to regain my focus. Sometimes I work on other homework until I’m able to focus on grading papers again.

  21. jamoliah says :

    I think that the developments revolving around the neutrino’s are very interesting and its good to see such monumental discoveries. However, I hope that the research is able to be conducted without being slowed by petty arguments. Its alright to be suspicious of their claims and I hope the scientific community does a thorough job of validating the discovery but I worry that a majority of the nay sayers will merely be noting that the discovery contradicts current theories. If its treated fairly it will most certainly be interesting to see what unfolds over the next few years!

  22. bcozza says :

    For more than six decades, a peaceful solution to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians has eluded leaders throughout the international community, and it is time for the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the world to get serious about solving this difficult challenge. Aware of the international implications of unrest in the Middle East, leaders of the G20 must unite in their resolve to mediate this diplomatic dispute. Realizing that this is their hurdle to clear, though, the Israelis and the Palestinians must begin their negotiations anew. Without seeming to favor one side over the other, I do not agree fully with President Abbas’ recent actions before the United Nations, but I appreciate that his efforts have returned this global concern to the forefront in the minds of many. With history as a witness, it is time that all commit to working together to solve a disagreement that has outlived too many and has gone unanswered for too long.

  23. kaileenkraemer says :

    The upcoming web portfolio projects are going to be a great opportunity to start on something that I have meant to start on for a while now- a website that showcases my talents. For the purposes of this class, it’ll have my COM 315 work on there, but after the semester, I plan to take it to a new level and put its focus on what I want employers to see. For my major and I’m sure many others, it is necessary to have a web portfolio. I will be putting my animation demo reel on it when it is finished after winter break and will routinely tweak and update it…forever. So I’m glad I’m starting it now, because it and I are going to become great friends, if you know what I mean.

    The “Caveman Diet” and the “Social Interaction Makes You Thinner” articles were interesting but I’m still not convinced of the responses of either of the studies. I’d have to read more about each topic to believe their findings, since their is so much information about nutrition online today that there seems to be too much contradiction in the field of nutrition itself.

  24. jordanthielker12345 says :

    I’m going to be honest and say that I am not a fan of the web portfolio. The idea of making a page directly correlating to me for the public to see is a little unnerving. Although there may be some privacy settings that I have not yet explored, I do not want my potential employers to see my background. I think in the hiring process my best chance is to do a face-to-face interview. If I get to the point of an interview then I can explain my background and skill-set with detail and personality. If I try to list these things on a web page then my employer will know what I am capable of without giving me a chance for the interview. Therefore, I will let my resume and letter of recommendation do the talking beforehand and that is the key component to get me the interview I need.

    • meshiach0machshevi says :

      Then you can set the URL of the page to be https://web.ics.purdue.edu/~%5Byour purdue user name]/[some long random string of characters]. Then, make it password protected and just tell Brian the crazy URL and his user name and password. The search engines will never find it, and neither will anyone else. Brian can’t reasonably insist that you make a publicly accessible, easily findable, indexable web page adhering to his specifications and with your full name on it.

      • brianbritt says :

        Or, if you’d rather not jump through all those hoops, WordPress makes it easy: just go to Settings -> Privacy Settings and check “Ask search engines not to index this site.” Any halfway-decent search engine will honor the robots.txt setting that creates.

  25. rachkennedy says :

    I find my efforts in this class to be somewhat average. I attend class and listen attentively, but I could contribute to discussion more. I am very confident going into the second presentation as I have given a few technical presentations in the workplace already and find an audience of my peers much less intimidating than an audience of highly accomplished professionals.

    The article on suing for bad parenting caught my eye. I actually read a similar and more detailed article on the website of my hometown’s newspaper about a month ago. It turns out that family is from a very wealthy suburb of Chicago not far from where I am from. This town is filled with multimillion dollar homes and has a very high average income. In my opinion, this town is very out of place. The neighboring towns have as much as 10% of its population below the poverty line, and make 3 times as less money annually. These towns share a high school, which is when children like the ones in the article realize how much better off they are and develop a superior and spoiled attitude. I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this who lives in that area but that is what I have observed. This article also proves that you can sue for just about anything these days.

  26. brianbritt says :

    It looks like our topics for this week have generated some serious interest — I suppose that makes sense, given that it’s a huge week of news on the science and technology front, as well as in global politics. It’s also nice to be able to reflect on what we’ve accomplished thus far in COM 315 and where we’re going from here.

    Brian, I like your ambition! It’s nice to be able to make a statement, to give a stellar presentation and to know that you did everything you could. Sometimes nerves can certainly play a role, as James (He) noted, and other times you have to work outside of your usual method, like Steckel said. One of the good things about our class, though, is that it gives you the chance to stretch your abilities with little pressure so that when you start delivering presentations in the workforce, like Joel indicated, you’ll be much better prepared. Similarly, the web portfolio will help you to create a strong first impression, as employers will often see that before they ever actually speak with you. Kaileen’s right that it will be an important part of your self-representation in the long term, so it’s a good idea to make it as sharp as you can now — especially since, as Jordan indicated, an imperfect portfolio may reduce your chances during an interview, or it may keep you from even reaching the interview stage. It can be a bit frightening, but with so many employers now treating web research as a standard pre-interview stage, it has become increasingly necessary to maintain a professional public image. These days, you can almost think of this online presence like your fiscal credit history — having good credit is obviously better than having bad credit, but it’s also a lot better than having no credit at all. Similarly, a professional presence is usually viewed more positively than online absence.

    It’s difficult to say what will happen next in the neutrino saga, Brian. The problem is that, depending on the conditions under which this occurred (assuming that it did occur), the phenomenon may be difficult to reproduce. That makes it difficult to reject the possibility of measurement error or some alternative explanation, even if we also can’t find any evidence to suggest that something other than faster-than-light travel occurred. With that in mind, if scientists are able to confirm and, importantly, replicate this event, then James (He) is right that the accidental finding could be used to drastically advance technological development, even if it may not have many immediate effects on our society. Steckel, you make a good point about the reaction to this event, especially as it pertains to Einstein, who many in science see as a godlike figure. The very nature of science is to find support for hypothesis, but then to reject those hypothesis if contradictory evidence is found. Einstein was a scientist, so it’s only natural that he would be ready to accept the falsification of his theory. James (Lesniowski) is correct that getting bogged down in debates over rejecting Einstein, giving credit, and any number of other political issues can only hurt the scientific process. Furthermore, it’s a problem if the media blows the issue out of proportion, as well, especially since it could always be a measurement error, as Boaz rightly noted. Finally, thanks for the links, Jake! I’ve spent a lot of time looking over laymans’ guides to quantum entanglement over the past few years, and it’s certainly exciting when you realize how many postulates can change if you’re able to circumvent a fundamental rule.

    Success precedes production, as you noted, Chelsea. Why stop making new iPhones when the last batch sold so well? That plan has definitely worked for Apple over a number of years. It will be interesting to see how some of those features will enhance the iPhone experience (the iLife?). Of course, we can’t possibly know exactly how the final product will look until it’s released, so those consumers like Kyle are right to be a bit skeptical. Still, Derek (Stewart) and others who are just jumping into the smartphone market are surely hoping for as big of a leap as possible with the new version. At least, as big of a leap without breaking the good points of the phone — after all, major design changes might ruin some of the qualities which made Greg buy four previous iPhone versions.

    I’m not so sure about whether smoking itself will ultimately be illegal, Derek (Stewart). There are a number of factors that weigh into whether it could feasibly be banned, from the money at stake to the lengths that smokers might take to circumvent the law. (Just look at Prohibition in the early 20th century.) Lawmakers have been successful, to a degree, in enacting smoking bans within public places, but that relies on the rationale of others’ health effects, which aren’t such a concern for those who smoke in their own homes. Of course, people can choose to make their own decisions regarding smoking, like Chris reminded us. A long line of studies have demonstrated the hazards of smoking, so your decision makes a lot of sense, Chris. In years past, we didn’t have all the information that is available to us today. I wonder, though, if mere information will curb smoking trends, or if future generations will continue to pick up the habit. It’s difficult to say.

    Steckel, you’re not alone in being excited about No Child Left Behind changes. That law was hardly the impetus for school scantron tests, though. I remember, for instance, taking the “Ohio test” (I don’t remember the exact name, but it may have been related to the current Ohio Achievement Test) among others in elementary school. It’s frustrating, sometimes, to have so much determined by a test score, but one could say the same thing about the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and so forth, as well as any number of other screening methods that employers themselves might use to weed out potential hires. Then again, the idea of “teaching to the test” is mostly (though not entirely) an education issue, as far as I’m aware. The more things you have to teach besides what kids really need to learn, the more that teachers’ hands are tied, as you said, Shawn. Michael, you have a point about the overall state of American education. While we may eventually move to a privatized education system, a lot of things will have to change before that point. For one thing, parents will hardly be willing to shell out extra cash for private school when they’re struggling to make ends meet, so the near-10% unemployment rate we’re currently facing is itself a major obstacle.

    Bryce, you have an excellent point about the primary process. That’s one of the big advantages of being an incumbent — without any serious competition from your own party for grassroots support, you’re free to focus on moderates while the opposition candidates bury each other to win party-line voters. With that said, I wonder how much voters will actually remember when the general election finally comes in November. When the American Idol final gets more votes than the presidential election, it’s clear that we haven’t devoted enough attention to the big issues in the country. I wonder what role social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will play this year. They were certainly a major part of the last election, as ndirenzo19 said, but can they muster the same effect a second time for the same candidate? We’ll have to wait and see.

    The next NBA season’s outlook appears increasingly grim. You bring up some good points, Rob — many sports have been weakened by prolonged lockouts (although the NFL doesn’t seem to have suffered much), and with the preseason already being torn apart, it’s hard for fans to get hyped like they usually do. Sad, when many of the people involved make more money in a year than most people make in a lifetime.

    Derek (Parker), I’m with you that the “bad parenting” lawsuit is preposterous. I suppose that if you can sue McDonald’s for serving hot coffee (and win!), you can sue anyone for anything, like Corey indicated. Really, though, this particular filing is as ridiculous as they come. As Rachel explained, these children clearly came from an exceptionally well-off family that met their basic needs (see: food, shelter) and a whole lot more. I couldn’t guess about how others from that area behave, but these spoiled (grown) children haven’t helped our impression of their community, to be sure. It’s disgusting to see this suit when so many other children have to deal with truly catastrophic living conditions, abusive parents, or even just the terrible misfortune of being orphaned. I wonder if we’ll eventually see laws designed to curb bogus lawsuits beyond the mere court fees for wasting everyone’s time, or if lawmakers will eschew such changes to protect those with legitimate reasons to file a lawsuit.

    Faisal, I can understand just how near and dear the Palestinians’ request must be to your heart. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East is a very important global issue, but it must be especially significant to those with personal ties to the area. At the same time, many leaders have the same reservations as Brad, even if they do appreciate that the conflict is being highlighted and considered once again. So many years have passed since the conflict began that one has to wonder where the route to resolution lies, if some manner of reconciliation is even possible at this point.

    Regarding the caveman diet, I’ve heard similar stories as what you mentioned, Bryce. I know someone who was recently advised to avoid meat entirely in the hopes that he would find some of those same health effects, so it’s hard to believe that effectively gorging on meat would be beneficial. Then again, we see a new fad diet almost every year these days… perhaps they don’t have to be grounded in reality to be widely adopted. You and Kaileen are both wise to approach such claims with caution, particularly when so many pieces of evidence appear to contradict one another. It takes time to separate real developments from spurious findings, and that’s part of why the notion of “public science” is so hazardous: proper scientific testing and replication takes time, but it’s often attractive for the press to report shocking findings as early as possible, before the scientific process is complete.

    Finally, Emma, I can definitely relate to the point you made about working too hard. I heavily rely on breaks in my own work, as I become horribly inefficient and ineffective the longer I churn away at any given task. If you’ve ever tried grading 50 papers in a single night (I have), you can appreciate how mindbreaking that repetitious work can be. The first intermission of our textbook talks about how, after ten minutes, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain attention on the same thing. We’re accustomed to changing perspectives (consider how often commercial breaks interrupt your favorite sitcom), so trying to force ourselves to press onward can ultimately be counterproductive.

  27. tsamadif says :

    So far I believe that my input in the class has been very good. I worked pretty hard for presentation 1 to make it look the way I wanted as well as a way that would appeal to the audience.

    I am very excited about the web portfolio project. I, myself, have never made a website, let alone a website to describe myself in a professional manner. At first, I was a little hesitant. However, once I realized the importance of the assignment to our professional aspect as well as the overall application of creating a website, I am pretty pleased with the assignment. I am generally interested in creating this project throughout the semester.

    • cengland42 says :

      As someone coming from a very technical background and knowledge of web development, this project is exactly the push I’ve been looking for. The idea of creating a minimalistic web portfolio that emphasizes my projects and experiences is fantastic. Creating a web portfolio has always been lingering in the back of my mind since I started college but I have procrastinated from creating one until I could showcase some projects. This will be invaluable to me an employers and I am looking forward to do my best to showcase what I have done.

      Now that presentation one is over I feel that we can start working on new and interesting ways of presenting technical information. I’m excited to see how other people present as well as develop my own presentation. This will be the first time I formally demonstrate a software environment that certainly would be useful to my audience.

    • abemccullough says :

      So far the class has been fine – the work has not been too hard and the effort required isn’t too bad. My biggest issue so far is some of the busy work, I didn’t take a 300 level class to ‘build an online presence’.

      I am in an additional class this semester where we spend time creating our own websites. While it is a worthy exercise and useful, if I really wanted to have a website I would have made one.

  28. burnscp says :

    After our first in lab work day, I am feeling more comfortable with the web portfolio project. I’ve never made one before so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect and how it would all fit together. I am excited to make a professional web page that can showcase some projects and be a source of additional information for future employers.

  29. moormanja says :

    Ever since the NBA lockout started it really never phased me to worry about anything. It started right in the middle of the NFL lockout which I had a lot more interest in because of pro sports I like the NFL over the NBA. I really do not like the NBA at all because of the high market teams that get everybody why every other team struggles just to fill a roster with players because they can’t afford that one great player. The NBA is also very boring to watch because there is no defense and they don’t ever call traveling or any other basic fouls. What Roger Stern did by cancelling the preseason games and threatening to cancel the whole year actually made me gain respect for him because he is trying to make the rich cry babies sacrifice some of their multi-million dollar contracts in order to get this deal made. The players are just thinking this whole thing is a big joke because even they don’t get the deal made they are all like o well we will just go play overseas. That is not right. If you care about your league you would be there trying to get a deal done and start playing basketball again.

  30. aheeb says :

    I read the article, “Want to Succeed? Stop trying so hard”. I can definitely relate to losing focus after a couple of hours. As someone who allows their mind to drift, probably more often than I should, the technique of changing tasks when my focus dwindles sounds very appealing. As a college student, and a habitual procrastinator, I find the theory to be a bit impractical at times. Lets face it, in life, there is always something that can be done. There are so many different distractions that sometimes one has to stick it out until the task is accomplished. Otherwise, the task may not be completed on time.

  31. spkuo says :

    I read the “Should Mothers Be Sued for Bad Parenting” article. The article turned out to be something completely different than what I had thought it would be about. I can’t believe the two kids would sue their own mother. Why would you sue your mother to try and get $50,000 from her when she didn’t really do anything wrong? The end of the article made the kids look even more ridiculous. Their family turned out to be some overly rich people. The lawsuit was basically a waste of the courts time. These kids should not randomly file a lawsuit claiming they had a horrific upbringing when they are nothing compared to other children who have truly suffered parental neglect.

  32. vmgray says :

    As of now, I feel comfortable with my performance in Com 315. However, I am kind of nervous about the wed portfolio. I do not know too much about web design, so I’ve found myself completely lost in class. I wish that I had a partner to help me through this. Even though I’m lost, I really want to learn this skill. It can better me as a student, and increase my personal skills. Other than this, the class is going well for me.

  33. lwinters26 says :

    Ill be honest, I feel like the effort I put forth in this class is not nearly as much as I put forth in my other classes. It could just merely be that it is a different kind of effort. I try hard to do my best for this class, but I just feel like it is not one of those classes that you have to do constant 24/7 upkeep with like it is for a lot of my other classes. It is also just a different kind of thinking process than what I am used to. I know I am going to have to put a lot of effort into the web portfolio, because it is something I have never done before, so maybe then I will make up for my lack of effort thus far.

  34. vsabatel says :

    After going through the information and requirements for our web portfolio project in class this week, I have a better understanding on what is to be expected of us for this project. Prior to this week, I briefly looked over the documents and resources available explaining the web-portfolio project but I was still left with some questions. I was glad that throughout class this week those questions and confusions were cleared up and explained in an informative fashion. I not only feel comfortable working on my web portfolio but I am looking forward to it. I am glad that I have some motivation to help me start putting something together as I look for a job this year. Creating a website is a very beneficial way to output and display information about myself. In my case it will be very beneficial because I will be applying for technical jobs that may involve web development. By creating this web site portfolio about myself, I am showing my future employers how qualified I am with my web development skills. Hopefully, aside from the content I have displayed about myself, they can see how well my web development skills are, given that I will be creating all of it myself and not using any code generated/automated software (like Dreamweaver among many others). Another reason I am looking forward to doing this website is because I need to freshen up my web development skills. It has been a couple years since I created a web site and this project will help me get back into the swing of things. Lastly, the aspect I am looking forward to is organizing and documenting all off my knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences that would make me qualified for a particular job. I am very optimistic that I will do well on this project and I hope that this will be a very useful tool in helping me find a job in the near future. I look forward to starting this project and gathering all the benefits it has to offer.

  35. Teju Shyamsundar says :

    My efforts in this class so far have been moderate. Although I do come to class everyday and turn in assignments on time, I could probably put more effort into what I do. I could also participate more in class. The new web portfolio assignment will be a good way to increase the amount of effort I put in this class, especially because it is technology related. I think it will be a good way to see how creative each person in the class is and how they use the available technologies to create their website. I have not taken very many web design classes for CIT, but I am familiar with HTML and other web programming languages, so I look forward to this assignment.

  36. Logan Byers says :

    I feel my effort in the class has been slightly below average so far. I felt my first speech was a huge let-down and watching my self struggle through the first speech was rough to say the least. However, I think that failure will push me to put more effort into the rest of the semester and perform better in future speeches. I feel I have started to make that improvement with our last impromptu speech. I felt really good after taking the criticism from the first speech and using that to work on my areas of weakness when it came to presenting.

  37. mfbecks says :

    I understand that some people have recently left the facebook network because of its recent changes. I myself think that the changes are making facebook even more intrusive into one’s life. I have had facebook since my senior year of high school and I think it’s something that would be hard to go without. I think that we have become so used to being able to send quick messages to one another or make events or groups to help keep class projects and groups organized that it would be hard to give up. I know that almost everyone has a facebook and it is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with everyone and share photos and stories much easier between your friends. I think the changes are going to happen as they always do and people will accept them because facebook has become something that most people cannot live without due to the fact that it has become a major part of their communication network like texting and email.

  38. davidjames1187 says :

    I feel that my efforts in the class so far have been above moderate. I put a lot of effort into the first speech as far as the visual demonstration portion went. I do wish I would have had more time to practice memorizing and practicing the speech. I honestly felt very nervous in front of the audience, which I hope with better rehearsal’s in the future, that issue won’t be such a problem. There is always something so nerve racking about speaking in front of people, but I think it will become easier and easier with more presentations and better practice. Seeing myself on camera definitely was useful to see the area’s in which I struggled and I will work on those areas to improve my stage presence.

  39. lopurdue says :

    I feel that I have been putting a lot of effort into this class compared with my other classes. I think this class by far is the most interesting course that I have taken at Purdue. About the project, I feel pretty confident because I have done many of websites before. Thus, I would not totally focus on the website appearance but more on the content. I had done my resume and I think that is the biggest part of the project. For the second presentation, I am still struggling with the topic, but I have found some informative ones. My job now is to make them less dry, which requires a lot of efforts.

  40. zjaw3150 says :

    I don’t know if should laugh or cry at the story of the brats trying to sue their mother. That is truely a pitiful situation, and I sincerely hope that entire family sobers up and starts behaving like the adults that their age indicates. On a brighter note, the physics debate sounds intriguing. I’d like to know if it actually is a complicated measuring glitch, or if we’re on the verge of a new discovery.

  41. Colin Patterson says :

    I’m really excited to be working on a web portfolio that I can show to employers. I took my first internet design class freshman year, and the website that I did for the final project was NOT done very well at all. I want to do a better job designing a website that looks more professional and clean. In foresight, I didn’t put a lot of effort into the website that was turned in, and I feel like this class will be my opportunity to redeem that fault. I have a lot of experience in creating websites now, two years later and I want to combine all of the learned skills into something I can be proud of.

    I’m going to create my website within Dreamweaver. This will help me gain a little more insight into what all Dreamweaver can do. When I created the first version, I didn’t know all of the capabilities that the expensive program can do. Then again, I waited until the last minute to put it all together. This time I won’t be so naive!

  42. stlbirds says :

    I feel that I have taken a great effort in focusing on this class. I am currently in English 421 and we are learning how to use some of the Adobe programs. I will be able to use some of this new knowledge to create my web portfolio.

    I am excited to hear that a new IPhone is coming out this month. I have an android phone. I liked my phone at first, but it soon became slow and apps took too long to benefit from. A few of my friends have the IPhone and I am jealous. They are always showing off their apps and other things that their phone can do. With my birthday and christmas coming I think that the new IPhone came out at the perfect time.

  43. Merry Hetzer says :

    The website/portfolio project is going good so far. I have a website that I have made previously that I could use and update, but there is a lot of extra material on the site that is not necessary for this project and I thought it would be easier to start over with a new one. I am using WordPress to make my website. I didn’t know that you could make a site using WordPress. I am not the strongest at coding and I think it is much easy to use WordPress. I have quite a bit done on my site so far, I just need to finish adding all the material and then make changes to design it how I want it to look.

  44. khabenic says :

    When I opened the article Should Mothers Be Sued for Bad Parenting?, I expected to hear a sickening tale of abuse and neglect. I began to prepare myself for reading things that would probably upset. Upset doesn’t even describe how I feel after reading that article; more along the lines of ridiculously annoyed with the brother and sister. I think I’m even shocked to some degree. Who sues their mother for not giving them money in their birthday cards, not sending them packages at college, and having a curfew for them when they lived at home? You have got to be kidding me!
    I don’t even know the mother of these two children, and my heart just aches for her. Not only did they stand in front of a judge and embarrass her, they showed how heartless they really are. It disgusts me that they are suing their mother just for being a mother. Maybe this bothers me so much because of the way I was raised. I never once expected money from my mother or my father. Of course they always had presents for me on my birthday, but I could have cared less if it were just one, or a thousand of them. That’s the difference between those children and me. I was raised to take care of myself, not to expect things to be handed to me.
    The only thing this mother did wrong was clearly spoiling her children. And who knows, their father could have spoiled them just as much. I feel like if I saw her children face to face, I would just break out in laughter. I want to ask them how they could possibly expect that lawsuit to stand up in court. Apparently they’re too full of themselves to notice anyways.

  45. weissapurdue says :

    I wanted to briefly talk about the new iPhone that will be coming in within the next couple of weeks. I don’t know about the majority of other smartphone owners out there, but I have to say that the iPhone is by far the best smartphone on the market. Apple has done a phenomenal job with their iOS mobile platform and it goes above and beyond what other smartphone OS’s have been able to accomplish. Its ease of use and beautiful UI design complement one of the best pieces of hardware available. iPhone 5 will once again revolutionize the mobile phone industry when it is announced on October 4. I am very excited about the upcoming release from Apple and will certainly be getting it!

  46. jykim315 says :

    We have to keep watching updates on ‘the particles broke the light speed.’
    If the measurement of the speed is really true, it really changes the 21st century physics. This will deny Einstein’s major theory of relativity of light. There is no such particle can travel faster than light just as article says. Then, here comes the question: what if somebody fires gun on a space craft traveling speed of light? We do not know.

    These particles can give answer for the question, but here is a problem. There is a possibility of errors with measuring equipment. To measure accurate distance traveled, CERN scientists need to use GPS equipment. According to detailed article, their test result takes account of any GPS errors. However, there can be any other GPS triggered errors. Only way to figure out is peer reviews by other particle accelerator facilities.

    What intrigues me is the extra-dimensional space hypothesis. Our universe is made with many dimensions, and this result can prove existence of another dimension. In other words, using another dimension, we can fold(reform) our dimension for the teleportation or worm hole. Yeah, it’s just hypothesis, so there is no real answer for now.

    I can imagine exited face of physicists; this can be the greatest discovery of this century and a chance to break the Einstein’s theories that nobody could break.

  47. Mike Tuccori says :

    I think the personal website is a good idea, especially because computers and technology have become such a necessary part of life. I agree with it providing a leg up with employers. In addition, going through this experience alone is beneficial. In terms of the next upcoming presentations, I think these will give the class a great opportunity to learn useful technologies that will help with whatever technology field we go into. All being technology majors, the future topics should prove to be interesting. It will give the people an opportunity to see the different types of applications that are being used in various technology majors at Purdue or applications that are of personal interest to the presenter. In terms of the science discovery, I think the finding is ground-breaking if it is true. It challenges Albert Einstein, the smartest man that ever lived lol. In terms of the political campaign, I think Mitt Romney made a bold statement and should use his words less harshly if he wants to have a chance at winning the election. There are kinder ways of expressing your opinions.

  48. brad5627 says :

    I wrote a response and the stupid wordpress thing erased the stupid thing. stupid.
    I wrote about how Apple and iPhone has a large amount of market-share based on how they slipped into this… secret-agent niche of propaganda-style advertising. There is so much hearsay surrounding the iPhone and its spec that the consumer gets excited about it and buys it. Great strategy and works well for them. I just think that the specs of the new iPhone won’t be that awesome, really… It’s just another iPhone that has a few minor hardware upgrade and new OS (which is gonna be cool with iMessage and the new iCloud) but in terms of hardware, the new BlackBerry bold touch or the motorola photon have equal specs (and have had these specs well ahead of the new iPhone). iPhone has gotten so much hype because it was the first ‘fun’ smartphone. BlackBerry is and always will be about efficency and usefulness, while android goes for simplicity, and Apple goes for the future. It all depends on the consumer, but I think iPhone gets a lot more hype than it deserves. The hardware is above-average but not groundbreaking, but the delivery of it is sublime.

  49. thecatherinesondgerath says :

    As a future educator, I would like to comment on the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). This act has been preventing schools who need extra funds from getting those funds. Schools that have students living in poverty have lower test scores and since funding is based on standardized tests, they cannot afford the resources to better educate their students. The program wasn’t even fully funded due to budget cuts so when you get to the bottom of the list of the lower ranking schools, those schools get no money while other schools have a surplus of computers, tutors, books and are receiving excess funds. This may be the only good thing Obama has done as president. Now teachers will be able to spend more time covering their subject rather than teaching students how to test well on these standardized tests.

  50. fiddlestix22 says :

    I’m looking forward to working on our web portfolios. I had actually started this project on my own this past summer in order to showcase my work and hopefully eventually attract clients. This project will give me one more reason to work on it.

    I also read the article about the Caveman Diet. It’s interesting that people have created a diet based on the idea that paleolithic people ate mostly meat. This is the common theory, but is not proven. Even if is true, our lifestyles today are very different than they were when people were hunter-gatherers. Today’s lifestyle is much more sedentary for one. I don’t think we need only high-calorie, high-fat foods if we are going to be sitting in front of a computer all day. I have trouble believing any of these fad diets.

  51. melvinallen says :

    So far my efforts with the web portfolio have been good. I’ve chosen to use wordpress because from the examples presented to us in class and from my experience so far, it’s the most user friendly. I am excited about the project just because I feel its something different to have and utilize as a marketing tool for future business endeavors such as jobs, internships, and co-ops.

    As far as the upcoming presentation I am feeling good and confident about it, I believe with a good a enough topic I will be able to deliver. I think the first presentation was good warm up, hopefully this presentation I will be able to showcase more overall comfortability with my speaking.

  52. Jake Gebuhr says :

    I too have been happy so far with the web portfolio. Luckily, I have some very solid and easy-to-use software on my laptop – iWeb – which allows for simple yet graphic website design. I never learned HTML coding so I am glad for this.

    My first speech went well I thought, although it was too long and had some other minor problems. For the coming presentation, I will definitely practice before finalizing the outline, so I know if any time changes are necessary.

    The political situation in this country right now is pretty bad in my opinion. Obama has not been successful at what he promised, and none of the current Republican candidates would repair this. The only ones who have a chance of winning the primary election currently are actors and theocrats. Bachmann talks like we should replace the Constitution with the Bible and Romney just says standard quotes. Perry is a huge flip-flop that ran Gore’s 2000 campaign in Texas. Those are the only 3 currently that are top in the polls, so if this keeps up we will have another pathetic 4 years no matter who wins.

  53. abemccullough says :

    I have some opinions on the Palestinian statehood bid. I tend to think that Palestinians have a right to live in the land that has been theirs for thousands of years. After the land was taken by Israel after WWII the Palestinian people had their government and way of life uprooted. Long story short, 60 years later there is still no functional government for the Palestinian people.

    If a statehood bid when through the potential for radical elements in the population to distort the face of democracy.

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